Season 3 Competition Cakes  

  ( Next Great Baker)

A very hit reality show competition Next Great Baker follows 13 contestants — a baker’s dozen — as Buddy puts them through baking challenges to determine who will win a $100,000 cash prize and a chance to work alongside the Cake Boss at Carlo’s Bakery.

The winning cake was dreamed up by Team Garrett, Jess, Chris and Paul. Zarkane from Zolgar was featured saving Earth from a slime creature. While Buddy thought the hero was lame and the villain was better constructed, this was the overall winning cake. Source      DCL

Team Paul, Letty, Chad and Ashley created a realistic cake with layers representing facets of Italian family cuisine. But the cake wasn’t well-supported, and it buckled beneath the weight of its layers, not quite reaching the height requirement to begin.    Source    DCL

Team Paul, Chad and Chris made this contemporary, topsy-turvy baby shower cake. The design was innovative, but the judges were not fans of the pregnant woman on top of the cake. The unflattering sculpture sent Chris to the box truck. Source    DCL

Team Jen, Paul and Ashley created the winning birthday cake for celebrity guest Kelly Ripa. She loved how the colorful, lively cake captured so many facets of her work and personal life!   Source   DCL

Team Ashley and Gretel-Ann created this bright peach cake with symbols representing their moms. Even though the piped icing melted and smeared, the details were professional enough to have it declared the winner! Source DCL

Ashley’s pyro-heavy, detailed Vegas cake wowed the crowed and earned her the title of Next Great Baker! Source DCL

Gretel-Ann’s cake impressed the judges with its detailed story of her life, but they weren’t keen on the slot machine shape or the misspelling of the hotel’s name. Gretel-Ann was eliminated in the very final challenge but was a fierce competitor!   Source   DCL

Team Chris, Jen and Gretel-Ann made the winning cake in the Italian Sunday Dinners challenge. Despite Gretel-Ann’s slow and sloppy work as she attempted to get her competitors eliminated, the cake still impressed the judges. Source   DCL

Both life-sized cakes were deemed “acceptable” by Buddy, but this Carol Leifer cake was the winner. The detailed print of her dress and folds in her boots blew the model away. She was created by Team Ashley, Peter, Letty, Chad and Paul. Source   DLC

Team Ashley, Jess and Paul won the elimination challenge with their clean, classy cake. Mario and Courtney especially loved the dog! Ashley was voted MVP and won a trip to Mexico.   Source   

(Next Great Baker)  DCL

Many many congratulations to the winning team.. Though there are more cakes but we find these worth to share.hope you like ’em. Beside we think all love these lovely cakes on this very special “Valentine;s Day” …. 😆



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