Top Most Neglected Dangers-Part-1-“A Call On Charging Cellphone!”

Top Most  Neglected Or Unknown Dangers-Part 1 “Talking On Charging Cellphone”

Never, ever answer a cell phone while it is being CHARGED! ❗


A few months ago, a person was recharging his cell phone at home.
Just at that time a call came and he answered it with the instrument still connected to the outlet.
After a few seconds electricity flowed into the cell phone unrestrained and the young man was thrown to the ground with a heavy thud.
His parents rushed to the room only to find him unconscious, with a weak heartbeat and burnt fingers.
He was rushed to the nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.
Cell phones are a very useful modern invention.
However, we must be aware that it can also be an instrument of death.

Talking On Charging Cellphone Is Deadly Dangerous.

Talking On Charging Cellphone Is Deadly Dangerous.

Never use the cell phone while it is hooked to the electrical outlet!(Source)

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Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day.

A special day for every woman…… Woman is the most beautiful creature of God.Nature can not survive without you.You keep the hearts go.’Mom‘ isn’t only a word,it’s a world to me.cheers to all women! here is the Greeting Card.

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Top Most Women’s Day Wish Style-Beautiful E-Card-And-Video-Animation

So to dedicate you all I created this animated E-card and animated card Video,hope you’ll enjoy these.(something I wanna do to cheer you on this day) 😆 WOMEN ROCK! :rol:


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Top Most Women’s Day Greeting Cards- Top 10

Happy Women’s Day!

Here’s our Day! On this very special day, celebrate life. Take a break from your busy schedule. Let your hair down, have fun and do what your heart says. Coz today is your day. Have a great Women’s Day!!!


Truly Sophisticated!


Wow What a cool greeting!


Really Awesome!


Dazzling! We really need globalization.


Coffee Time! 😆


Oh Shhhh 😀


Oh How Cute Are They! Ain’t?


It’s true…. so nice


So Yummy!!! It’s a lovely treat.                    Source


OMG! …… its funny.

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Have a great day! 🙂

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Top Most Abuse -Child Abuse


(May be my few lines may express your torment,your agony With Love).

Crystal,Blue, Red or Azure,

All are colors of my tears.

Whenever I see,

Rain,sky,blood and sea,

They spontaneously reflect

With a terrible fear,

I was born with a right to live,

I have a free spirit;

that flows with the wind .

I never crave for those fancy toys,

I long for your love and care;

A life filled with smiles and joy.

I just don’t blow the candle,

On my Birthday Cake, rather,

How hard I try to exhaust the fire in me,

Its glazing flame kindles;

a never-dying fire in me,

I’m like a butterfly,a hummingbird

In the garden of your life,

Why you took away my wings?

Why you imprison me in the

cage of your dominating thoughts?

God knows what I’ll be like

When I’ll be of your age!!!

Stop it now for God’s sake!

All we need is your support,

care and hugs.

Come out of your dark age like dream,

When will you hear our helpless scream?

Now or Never!!!!

A graphics showing the data obtained by Joyce ...

A graphics showing the data obtained by Joyce and colleges in 2006, revealing association between Child abuse + neglect (variable 1), borderline temperament (variable 2). (Spanish) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Lil girl!!! a helpless cry!!!

child abuse

child abuse (Photo credit: South worth Sailor)

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