“Unfolded shades of Gray-An intoxicated conscience”

Featured Poem~ By~Labina Gul “We appreciate her efforts to dedicate thought provoking writing. Wishing her all the best-Just Being Human Team”
(A short description of today’s world, in the background of violence,terrorism and selfishness)

“Unfolded shades of Gray-An Unfolded Shades of Grey
intoxicated conscience”

Who am I?
I asked many times
I looked in ruins of my heart
My voice echoed back
but heard no reply,
Staring in infinity
I saw many passers by,
They slanted a look,
shook head and moved ahead,
Neither a word nor a reply.

Walking helplessly
I came across a river,
Bended to take the water
and I saw a familiar reflection.
Oh. that’s the same I saw on road
Those passers by ,
Different colors, customs, and attires ,
Still looking so similar.
I recall they’re called human.
So that’s what am I?

Reached a beautiful city
I amused for a Lil while.
Then I saw a weak old man,
Trembling and cleaning the road.
A blind struggling to cross road,
a crying child looking for her
Missing mom.
A shops keeper frowned,
As he had to take money from
Everyone seemed too busy
Then I heard an explosion,and gunshots,
Many men were dead on road,
flowing river of blood there was,
I cried and ran to see them.

A hand pulled me back,
Pressing my mouth.
“Hey, leave it! It’s not our matter”.
he whispered
How could you let them dye?
I shouted.
He kicked me down and I fell unconscious.

It was so dark when I opened
my eyes.
There was disaster all around,
Flashing camera lights, reporters, and some copes.
Few people carrying dead bodies,
I sobbed, I cried in despair.
I began to ran towards the wood,
Where I came from.

I was afraid of beasts but not
It was a dog eats dog word!
Only news would be broadcasting.
for several days.
And some hot discussions.
no solutions, no result.
I couldn’t take it anymore.

I can’t be human
Then who am I?
Question remained unheard,
no voice heard neither got a reply,
O’ God please save the earth
I cried,
For what purpose I’m sent down here?
Please show me the
Purpose of my life,
Please tell me who am I?
A gust of gentle breeze whispered then,
“Wake up! O’ intoxicated Conscience of man”.
© (Image credit Eesa Sulaiman)
By~ Labina Gul


Top Most Abuse -Child Abuse


(May be my few lines may express your torment,your agony With Love).

Crystal,Blue, Red or Azure,

All are colors of my tears.

Whenever I see,

Rain,sky,blood and sea,

They spontaneously reflect

With a terrible fear,

I was born with a right to live,

I have a free spirit;

that flows with the wind .

I never crave for those fancy toys,

I long for your love and care;

A life filled with smiles and joy.

I just don’t blow the candle,

On my Birthday Cake, rather,

How hard I try to exhaust the fire in me,

Its glazing flame kindles;

a never-dying fire in me,

I’m like a butterfly,a hummingbird

In the garden of your life,

Why you took away my wings?

Why you imprison me in the

cage of your dominating thoughts?

God knows what I’ll be like

When I’ll be of your age!!!

Stop it now for God’s sake!

All we need is your support,

care and hugs.

Come out of your dark age like dream,

When will you hear our helpless scream?

Now or Never!!!!

A graphics showing the data obtained by Joyce ...

A graphics showing the data obtained by Joyce and colleges in 2006, revealing association between Child abuse + neglect (variable 1), borderline temperament (variable 2). (Spanish) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Lil girl!!! a helpless cry!!!

child abuse

child abuse (Photo credit: South worth Sailor)

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